The Nature of Sin

(Romans 7:15-24)

There's someone that is with me
Alone in my house
He is ruthless, he's cunning
And mean.

I've tried so many times
To be rid of this intruder
He's the most wretched offender
I've seen.

There are times he arrives
Without invitation
And gloats
With a smug little grin.

But there are those occasions,
I am saddened to say
When I've intentionally
Welcomed him in.

Oh, why does he taunt me
And poke at my faults
And encourage me
To do wrong?

I argue with him
And explain my position
He mocks my defense
Before long.

"You are no different
From the rest of mankind,
And as hard as you try,
You'll never do right."

He spits out the words -
Persuasive and sharp
"You are so weak.
You've no will to fight."

And as much as I resent
His stinging retort
I understand what he says
Is so true.

The spirit is willing
To follow God's Word
But my flesh often rules
What I do.

I despise my old nature
And a life left behind
I strive for a heart
Submitted to Him.

Yet when I least expect it
There's a knock at my door
And I condemn myself
As I willingly sin.

Why do I do this?
Am I the only one?
My intentions seemed
So just.

But I was born a son
Of erring Adam
Submit my flesh,
I must.

Like a dog
Returns to vomit
Like a drunk
Returns to drink.

Like a sinner
Returns to sin again
I'm given pause
To think.

The struggle I face
Will always rage
Sometimes the battle
Will be lost.

And the war continues
But I take courage
For Someone's paid
The final cost.

So, there'll be times
I'm at odds with myself
My sin nature
So notorious

As my mind is renewed
And my heart is transformed
With God's help
I can be victorious.

Glenn A. Hascall

[ by: Glenn A. Hascall Copyright © 2003 ( -- submitted by Glenn Hascall ]


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