The Never Ending Story

I know you know "the story."
You've heard it all before;
how Christ came to die for us,
to some it's all a bore.

But I ask you to listen
as I tell it once again,
because it's a story still in progress,
a story without an end.

We were created by a holy God
who is so righteous and just,
that He can't be in the presence of sin,
therefore holiness is a must.

In the beginning we were just that;
holy, righteous and true;
until as you've heard before,
sin came breaking through.

You've heard it before,
how Eve ate of the forbidden tree.
And now we had a problem;
no longer holy could we be.

We could no longer stand
in the presence of God at all,
because man had made a dreadful mistake,
taken a terrible fall.

Yes, God could have prevented this;
He has that kind of power.
But we are not His puppets,
so free will is always ours.

Now there was a chasm
between God and man.
And in that great chasm
there was no one fit to stand.

God loved us so much,
but He is also totally just.
His love and justice were in conflict,
because holiness is a must.

The Jews made many sacrifices
to atone for their many sins.
And God saw that the ultimate sacrifice
would have to be made by Him.

The Jews would bring animals,
a spotless, perfect lamb,
and God is the only one that's perfect,
for He is the great "I am."

So God the mighty Father
asked His only son
if He would make that sacrifice,
if He would be the one.

Jesus Christ is fully God,
and also has full power.
But He agreed to give all that up,
and so they set the day and hour.

God foretold of this coming
through the Bible,
His word.
But when Jesus arrived here,
that message wasn't heard.

Only a handful believed
that Jesus was who he claimed to be.
And the multitude that did not
sacrificed him on that tree.

A man of greater love
has never walked this earth.
He healed people of their diseases,
cured a man blind from birth.

He performed many miracles
about which we have read.
He changed water in to wine,
and even raised the dead.

Jesus was still God,
full of power and might.
But he was also fully human,
and so he had a fight.

He felt our feelings,
our joy, sadness and fear:
he can fully understand
each emotion, or each tear.

As he prayed in the garden,
his tears began to run.
Yet through his fear and anguish, he said,
"Let Thy will be done!"

He was led to Golgotha,
carrying his cross upon his back.
His flesh hung in ribbons,
from each of the wip's fierce whacks.

The hammer rang out,
driving nails in to his hands and feet.
And with the sharpest of spikes,
they pierced his flesh so sweet.

He wore a crown of the sharpest thorns
upon his bleeding head.
"Jesus Christ, King of the Jews,"
a sign above him read.

Around him there were many
some smiling, some with frowns.
"If you are the Christ," they said,
"Then why don't you come down?"

Jesus knew he could have called
legions of angels to his side,
but instead he stayed upon the cross,
suffered there and died.

You've heard how on the cross he cried,
"Forgive them, they know not what they do,"
and with that cry, and His death,
God's love came breaking through!

An earthquake shook the ground
and all the people cried,
"Surely this is the son of God
that we have crucified!"

The temple curtains were ripped in two,
those curtains which divided God and man.
That chasm had been bridged by Jesus Christ,
who is the only one fit to stand.

With that final sacrifice
God's justice was satisfied,
and also with that sacrifice,
we were sanctified.

Now once more we go to the Father,
and can come to Heaven's throne.
Through Christ we regained our righteousness:
we are no longer alone.

Praise God who has such love,
that He came here to serve!
Because every man knows in his heart
that he does not deserve.

But that's not the end of the story,
I'm sure you know there's more.
But listen to what comes next,
for the best part is in store.

Christ would not be held by death,
He would not be so restrained,
and so on Sunday morning,
Jesus rose again!

With His resurrection,
He defeated death and the grave!
And for that great victory,
let Him forever hear our praise!

He rose from the dead
so that we also might have new life.
He took upon Himself
all our sin and strife.

He soon returned to Heaven,
to the glory He had known,
and took His rightful place
at the Father's throne!

There He now sits,
helping us day by day.
But so often we turn our backs,
so often we run away.

If you find yourself turning,
just remember this fair story
of how Christ came down for us,
and gave up all that glory.

And if you don't yet know
the person of Jesus Christ,
ask Him in to your heart right now,
for He can truly change your life.

You can come to Him so freely,
there is nothing you must do.
Because with His death and resurrection,
He has paid the price for you.

All you have to do,
is pray a simple prayer,
and with those few words,
you'll be forever in His care.

"Father I come before you,
and I know I'm filled with sin.
But I ask you to forgive me,
because I want to follow Him.

I thank you for the gift
of your son, Jesus Christ.
I ask Him to be my Lord,
to now come in to my life.

Thank you, Jesus,
for dying on that cross, and rising once again.
Thank you for this story,
that will never have an end.

Thank you for taking upon yourself
all my sin and strife.
And thank you for the precious gift
of eternal life!"

Now be received in to His family,
there is rejoicing in Heaven over you.
And be assured that Christians far and wide
are celebrating, too!

Welcome to this family,
this circle of new friends!
Rejoice in the story,
the one that never ends!!!

Addendum -- John 3:16 (NKJ)  
"For God so loved the world that
He gave His only begotten Son,
that whoever believes in Him should
not perish but have everlasting life."

[ Author Unknown -- from Denial ]


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