The Older I Get

The hairs upon my aging head
Are numbered in their days.
And if there are any left at all,
They’ve gone and turned to gray!

The peaches and cream complexion
I once enjoyed, now ruined.
Marred with crow’s feet and wrinkles,
It’s now more like a prune!

These days, alas, I’m apt to forget.
I’m darned if I know what I meant.
And much of my “get up and go,”
Well, it got up and went!

It’s not the bubble gum of my youth
Pop, pop, popping—oh please.
Today the only thing cracking
Is my old joints and knees!

Toned, taut muscles are things of the past.
My body’s not longer cut.
Nowadays my only bulges
Are the excess ones in my gut!

No, it’s not easy getting older,
But an upside does exist.
The many blessed years I’ve lived
I’d never opt to have missed!

 ~ Kathy_K ~

[ Owner: R. W. Miller, Copyright © 2008 (Editor @ SkyWriting.Net) ]

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