The Puzzle Piece

          I woke up one morning
          Feeling empty inside.
          I knew I hadn't been
          Letting God be my guide.

          I walked to the kitchen
          To fix my morning tea.
          There on the floor, playing,
          Sat my daughter, Emily.

          She said,  Mommy, I can't find
          The last piece to this heart.
          I looked down at the puzzle,
          And a search I did start.

          As I returned the piece,
          To the place where it belonged,
          I realized the gap in my heart
          And that I was too headstrong.

          I knelt down in my bedroom
          And sent God a silent prayer.
          I felt His presence with me
          And blessed assurance in the air.

          My life was complete-
          There no more was a gap.
          My heart s puzzle was finished,
          I had God for life's map.

~ Alyssa Marie Bentham ~

[ by: Alyssa Marie Bentham, Copyright © 2007 ( -- from: Alyssa Bentham ]


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