The Quiet Time

      The familyís all in bed, because the hourís getting late.
      Here on Christmas Eve, I have some time to meditate.

      We had some friends and family over earlier this Eve.
      We all were having so much fun; they didnít want to leave.

      Now I sit here thinking and the night is oh so still.
      The gentle snow is falling outside on the window sill.

      I think about my children and I think about my spouse.
      I think about the memories weíre making in this house.

      I think about my mother and I think about my dad.
      I think about the Christmas past and all the fun we had.

      I think about the friends we have and how close we have been.
      I think about some relatives I must go see again.

      I think about the job I have, that does provide the means,
      For us to have this lifestyle and it helps fulfill our dreams.

      I think about this country and how great itís grown to be.
      I think about the ones who died to keep this country free.

      I think about the Savior, who was sent upon this earth,
      And the day we set aside to celebrate His birth.

      As I think of all these things, I bow my head to pray,
      "Thank You, Lord, Iíve been so blessed,
      By You this Christmas Day."

[ by James A. Kisner © 2002 (PoppyK1@aol.com) -- {used with permission} ]


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