The Real Reason

When I trust In Jesus my Savior and Friend,
I remember that He is the Beginning and End.
He knows my sorrow my grieving and pain,
and always helps me again and again.

When I don't trust Him, and do things my way,
I learn very quickly that I have a bad day.
He says He'll never leave me, and I know that it's true,
He comforts my heart and He'll do it for you.

What is your need and where will you turn,
He loves you so much He wants you to learn,
that you can look to Him for your provison each day,
You will find out that Christ is the Way.

Christ died for the world, to redeem us from sin,
I remember the day that I let Him in.
It makes a difference now the way that I live,
because I received what Jesus had to give.

I wouldn't trade what He gave me, no not at all.
I surrendered my life to receive His call.
The debt I couldn't pay was way too high,
that's "the real reason" Jesus had to die.

He's coming again for the ones who are His,
to dwell forever in a heaven of bliss.
The books will be opened, he'll call out our name,
If we are truly ready, we'll not be ashamed.

- Mary Eldridge -

[ by: Mary Eldridge © 2004 ( -- submitted by Mary Eldridge ]


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