The Road He Chose For Me

          Once I traveled on a well-worn road,
                    where many led the way;
          I simply had to follow on,
                    as night will follow day.
          If I had only known the lack,      
                    the need I had within --
          I may have turned another way
                    and followed only "Him."

          Instead, I blithely traveled on,
                    not knowing of my loss,
          until some sign posts pointed me
                    to the foot of a rugged cross.
          Oh, I knew a lot about Jesus Christ,    
                    the God-man on that "tree;"
          I believed He died to open the gate
                    of heaven for you and me.

          And since that time, I'd always heard,
                    we each must pass the test.
          If I wanted to go to Heaven some day,
                    I must try to do my best.
          But, Friends, I want to tell you now,    
                    please listen to my story:
          No matter how good your life may be,
                    it will not take you to glory!

          As I began to read the Bible,    
                    which is God's written word,
          the things I learned amazed me,
                    and I marveled as I heard
          that Jesus'death upon the cross
                    was all I need to claim
          and heaven would be my destiny
                    if I trusted in His Name.

          What mattered was what God said,
                    nothing less and nothing more.
          The teachings I'd relied on,
                    the good things I'd done before;
          the beauty of the sanctuary,
                    traditions from ages past --
          When measured by God's own Word,
                    not one of these would last.

          "For by grace are ye saved through faith,
               and that not of yourselves;
                    It is a gift of God,
                         not of works,
                              lest any man should boast."*

          At last I knew that Jesus'death
                    had paid for all my sin;
          The only thing for me to do
                    was simply "invite Him In."
          It seemed too easy to be true,  
                    but I dared not deny His word.
          I prayed, accepting His free gift;
                    and I know that Jesus heard.

          When I asked Him to be my Saviour
                    and thanked Him for His love,
          my soul was flooded with peace and joy --
                    assurance from above.
          My struggles and fears were all for nought;
                    His gift has set me free.
          Now I travel the road my Saviour chose,
                    and He walks along with me.

~ Connie Faust ~

"*Ephesians 2:8 & 9 KJV"

[ by: Connie Faust, Copyright © 2006 ( -- submitted by: Connie Faust ]


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