The Season Of Summer

        Summer's a visitor before she stays,
        Weaving herself throughout cold, rainy days.
        Her light at the dawn and her dusk of the eve,
        Slowly lengthens her visits as Spring takes her leave.

        She bullies the cold and dreary away,
        And takes her place when she's ready to stay.
        Her stormy aggressions turns to soft morning mists,
        She greets us at daylight with a refreshing damp kiss.

        Light nudges the darkness, no wind with the dawn.
        Awakened from nesting the air's filled with song.
        Dew glistens from grasses and leaves and roses;
        The smell of coffee and bacon drifts past our noses!

        Traces of Springtime begin to fade
        As temperatures rise and we seek out the shade.
        The June bugs are gone and the fireflies alight,
        They twinkle and float through Summer's soft night.

        Summer is here! She's out in full bloom!
        Kids and vacations and Good Humor trucks tune.
        Fishin' and swimmin' and Fourth of July,
        Carnivals and camping under a starry night sky.

        I sit in my swing and drift to and fro,
        And marvel once more at God's Summertime show.
        Who could doubt who He is? or His creation so grand?
        Just open your eyes, see what was made by His hand!

        Soon the locust will sing and the grass will turn dry.
        A different feel in the air and look in the sky.
        Yet flowers will bloom in bright colorful array
        and sunsets 'explode' at the end of each day.

        And I will know that God is the reason
        That we have the beauty of every season.
        And He will stay with me and never depart,
        Lovingly tending the seasons of my heart.

~ Bonnie David ~

[ by: Bonnie David ( -- from Bonnie David ]


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