The Shulamite Woman

(Song of Solomon)

She toiled in the sun in her brother's vineyards,
Exposed to the filth and grime of the earth;
There was no expectation of grandeur,
Nor a share of this world s wealth.
But she caught the eye of His Majesty,
Who became the love of her life;
He courted and wooed her sweetly,
And took her to be his wife.
Her beauty, an enclosed garden,
Was totally enjoyed by her lover,
Closed to the world at large,
And tasted deeply by no other.
She enticed him with sweet perfume,
Causing his desire for her to grow;
He appreciated her as a lily among thorn,
Seeking her depths to know.
The king was taken with her love,
She was perfect in his eyes,
Milk and honey flowed from her tongue;
He preferred her love to the finest wines.
She recognized the voice of her lover
As he came at break of day;
But when she was unresponsive,
He, unrequited, slipped away.
He was dismayed at the state of her love;
At her coldness not experienced before;
As she enjoyed her magnificent boudoir,
And ignored his knock at the door.
She sprang from her bed, alarmed at her self,
And sought him along the dark streets,
To beg his forgiveness for betraying his love,
Anxious to fall at his feet.
She followed her lover where ever he went,
Remembering his virtues fair;
Keep me close,  she said to him,
Your love is my utmost desire.

~ Joyce Guy ~

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- Copyright © 2007 ( -- submitted by: Joyce Guy ]


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