The Sinner's Hope

        Behold! The Lord upon the throne
        He calls everyone to be His own
        He welcomes everyone having a desire to atone
        Hallelujah! Praise God! We are no longer alone.

        Behold God Almighty, behold our king!
        His power, His might forever rise high
        Let us sing, let our praises ever ring
        For surely, oh surely, we'll never die.

        For we have believed, trusted in His care
        And He was faithful and delivered us from Satan's snare
        On His Son, our saviour, we depended
        We have been cleansed, every sin repented.

        No longer do we fear of being rejected
        Nothing makes us disappointed and dejected
        For the Lord, who is in Heaven, loves us
        With a rich blanket of love He covers us.

        Oh, what love! He loved us to the point of death
        He shed His blood on the cross to lend us breath
        Oh, what compassion; oh, what grace!
        Oh, what mercy do we see upon His face!
        His love is so pure, His love is so tender,
        His love is so compassionate, He forgives the offender
        Oh, we thank you Jesus! Our lives to you we surrender
        Clothe us Father, with righteousness and splendour.

        Lord God, to be with you we long
        Where there's many a praise and many a joyful song
        Where we can quench our thirst from the River of Life
        And satisfy our hunger from the Tree of Life.

        Come, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, come!
        Come and take us away to join your kingdom
        We will wait, Mighty Father, for the trumpet's call
        And then, we will rejoice with you at Satan's fall.

~ Sneha John ~

[ by: Sneha John, Copyright © 2005 -- submitted by: Sneha John ( ]


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