The Ultimate Love Letter

Where do I go when all hope is gone
When the cares of this life my soul has worn.
When troubles surround me like a raging sea
When it seems there is no one who loves me?

Where are the answers when I ask and ask
When the burdens to heavy and there's no help with the task
When peace is evasive and sleep comes no more
When sickness overtakes me and my heart is sore?

Where are my friends and my family
When depression has left its mark on me
When my mind is confused and all reason has left
When my speech is garbled and I sit with the deaf?

There is an answer to all of these
Its written on paper for all eyes to see
The Word of Life the Bible can be
The road to blessing for all to receive.

It's a beautiful letter, lovingly wrote
By the Spirit of the Lord that mankind smote
It's the heart of a Father who only knows
By reading this word you will grow and grow.

There is a reason for all things you see
In this great big world God created for you and me
Mysteries are hidden with paper and pen
unfolded in the pages as you dig in.

God's character revealed His heart open wide
Nothing is hidden from the eyes of His Bride
The table is spread, the banquet of the Word
So feast in His presence and be full of His Word.

[ by MARY E WHITE -- from 'Themestream' ]


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