The Urge To Pray

        I have the urge to pray for you,
        and on my knees, this will I do.
        We've never met, you may think it's silly,
        but according to God, we are family.

        More than likely, I've been where you are.
        So, I know the light seems so far.
        But if you trust God, He will be there.
        Reach for Him, your troubles He will bear.

        Sometimes our load gets so heavy, we can't pray.
        It seems like our Lord is too far away.
        That's when your fellow christians come in,
        to help you pray that this battle you will win.

        So, after I finish this poem I'm writing,
        I will pray for this battle you're fighting.
        Whether it be family, finances, fear, health or whatever,
        God can fix it, and you will be thankful to Him forever.

        As I pray for your needs, believe with me.
        Believe that God will answer... just believe.
        One more thing before I go, try praying again.
        This battle of not being able to pray, this too, you will win!

[ by: V. Elaine Ables © 2003 ( -- submitted by: V. Elaine Ables ]


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