The Valentine Reward

      The classroom was quite empty; all the children had gone home,
      My fourth grade room was quiet, as I sat there all alone.

      That day in class, I told the children what they were to do,
      Make a valentine for someone, who is close to you.

      Someone that you look up to and someone you admire,
      Someone who is helping you become what you desire.

      Then I told the children, print a poem that is your own,
      Then leave them on my desk to read, before you all go home.

      Tomorrow, you can take them home to give to those you love,
      But first Iíd like to read them to see, who youíre thinking of.

      As I sat and read the poems, the little cards werenít bad,
      Some were for grandparents and then some for mom or dad.

      Some had standard verses, "roses red and violets blue,"
      While others had cute verses, that the children made up new.

      But then I started reading one and tears filled up my eyes,
      I never had expected this; it caught me by surprise.

      "I love my mom and dad," she wrote, "but you are special too,
      That is why I want to make this valentine for you."

      "I heard my mom once say you are a blessing in disguise,
      The way you love to teach and help to open childrenís eyes."

      "So you will know and understand, ícause next year Iíll be gone,
      Youíve help me to be who I am; you are a special one."

      I closed the little card from her and I just sat and cried,
      This precious fourth grade girl had done more than she realized.

      A teacher doesnít earn a lot, thereís much they canít afford,
      But all the money in the world canít match this great reward.

      To know you make a difference when you teach a little child,
      And know you have influenced them does make it all worthwhile.

      I know that all who teach will never earn themselves great wealth,
      Their riches come from knowing one has given of oneís self.

      To know we make a difference, having helped a child who soared,
      To know we had a part will be our "valentine reward."

[ by James A. Kisner © 2003 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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