Man sitting by the river.

The Voice

I sit by a river and ponder my life,
And wonder of things I have done.
Of all the things that once mattered most,
Where I'll spend my eternity is number one.

Time is now racing by me it seems,
I can't slow it down this is true.
As I sit here and stare at the water below,
A Voice says, " I have something for you".

"Where are you? I ask seeing no one around.
Or at least there is no one I see.
"No one may come unto the Father,
Except that he first comes through me".

I look over the river and once more I hear,
The Voice again calling my name.
Softly and Tenderly calling me home,
The message is always the same.

"Come unto me all ye who are laden,
Leave all your burdens at my feet.
Come as I prepare a feast at my table,
A feast with The Lamb you shall eat."

A lengthening shadow appears through the trees,
At first it appears to be moss.
But soon it was clear the shadow I saw,
Through the fork of the tree was a cross.

I took to my heart The Voice that I heard,
It beckoned me onward that day.
He will one day soften the hardest of hearts,
There simply is no other way.

In life there are many decisions to make,
But one carries life as the choice.
Where we will spend it is what matters most,
So listen and submit to The Voice.

~ Michael W. Jarrell, Sr. ~
Copyright © 11 Sept 2002
[ By: Michael W. Jarrell, Sr., Copyright © 2003 ( ) -- submitted by: Michael Jarrell, Sr ]

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