The Way It Is

    Life had not been good to me, I shed so many tears.
    Every waking moment was filled with cravings, anxiety and fears.

    I knew I needed help, but did not know where to start.
    Until I changed my preception of life, and asked God into my heart.

    Now a few years latter, I've been sober for some time.
    Life has gotten a bit easier, and God is not hard to find.

    He is in every decision as I walk throughout my day.
    He is in my tears of joy as I watch my children play.

    As I look back on the years when I thought life wasn't good.
    I now know that was because I didn't do the things I should.

    So I'll move forward, keeping that in mind.
    That God is a part of all of us, giving us peace of mind.

[ by: Jessie Parker -- submitted by Jessie Parker ( ]


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