The Wonders Of The Deep

          Who understands the ocean wide
          That tosses and rolls with each tide
          The great and mighty God, he owns
          The wonders of the deep bestowed

          He spoke the waters into being
          And the life in variety seen
          And God commands the wind to rise
          Which lifts the waves in awsome surprise
          Transforming them into hollow ravines
          White horses, riding in glory supreme

          The waves ride high to touch the heavens
          Twisiting and curling into deep caverns
          Then Godís voice, speaks to the storm
          ĎBe stillí he cries, and all is calm

          Under the surface of the waters disclosed
          A secret garden is exposed
          With sea plants jostling in jubilation
          Laughing it seems in anticipation
          For a ballet appears, a fantasy
          Of creatures, gliding, dancing with glee

          An orchestra of bubbles, gurgles and swishes
          A spectacular display from a rainbow of fishes
          A kaeidoscope of colours agree
          When looking throught the window
          Of Godís wonderous sea.

~ June Brown ~

[ by: June May Brown, Copyright © 2006 -- submitted by: June May Brown ( ]


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