The Words That Were Spoken

        The words that were spoken, they tore at my soul,
        They pierced my spirit and left a gapping hole.
        The world could not see what had transpired
        My heart was the covering when the deed expired.

        Everywhere I traveled the words they came to me
        A reminder of the day these words were spoke to me
        A wound had festered in my heart that day
        I couldn't understand why the pain never went away.

        I fashioned a prison and I built the cell
        I formed the lock that would keep pain there
        I tried to cover all my agony and shame
        But everyday that dawned I carried the pain

        On that faithful day Jesus came to me
        He looked in my eyes and saw the agony
        He saw the wounded spirit and the heart so sore
        And when He spoke my name, I knew He was the Lord!

        The thing that has wounded and broken you today
        Is such a small matter to the Potter of the clay
        Your sickness has a cure, He paid the awful price
        Your pain is but a speck in the cycle of life.

        The Name above all names, the Master of your soul
        Sees the heart of man and the awful toll
        He knows where you have walked, He sees the scars
        He mends your broken heart, and fills it with stars!

[ By Mary E. White -- from 'Themestream' -- Ed:anon. ]


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