Then It's Time!

      When dawn is breaking, yet you don't see the sun,
      But you know it will be there, when the night is done.
      There's a feeling of "Can't wait until the sun comes up."
      As I sit impatiently with my coffee cup.

      Then here comes the sun and my heart feels lighter!
      Because the world is so much brighter!
      It makes me think of the day to come,
      when our Lord and Savior, comes to take us home!

      Will we be waiting and ready to go?
      He will be here one day, our Jesus you know!
      No one knows when, but we do need to know.
      That we will be ready, when it's time to go!

      Ready and waiting, and impatient for that day.
      When Jesus will appear and take us away!
      Things are getting so bad, seems this World is just done ...
      But then ... just look up, my Friend, Here comes the Son!

[ by Dot Wilson © 2002 -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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