Enoch - walked with God.

They Walked With God

Enoch, the seventh from Adam;
A descendant of his third son Seth;
The first-born son of Jared
Never tasted decay and death.

He was blameless, humble and upright
And pleased God in all his ways;
He walked with God and he talked with God
Nigh a hundred thousand days.

When he reached the age of sixty-five
He begat Methuselah;
The oldest man who ever did live
And granddaddy to Noah.

Enoch stayed close to his Maker
Then by faith He was taken away;
He walked with God then he was no more -
Never tasting death and decay.

Noah followed in his footsteps;
He obeyed God night and day,
Pleasing the Lord with his blameless life
And teaching his sons to pray.

Throughout the years and the ages
Mighty men listened to You
As You shared Your thoughts and Your secrets
With those who were upright and true.

Father, it is our desire
To walk with You as they did;
Of Your precepts we will never tire
And we'll do as we are bid.

~ Belinda van Rensburg ~

[ by: Belinda van Rensburg, Copyright © 2009 ( lindievr@yahoo.com ) -- submitted by: Belinda van Rensburg ]

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