This Is Our God's Hour

A mighty wind is blowing,
All across this land,
The Spirit of God is moving,
Fulfilling all His plan,

Many things will be shaken,
By His mighty power,
Talk of wars are looming,
Right this very hour,

He told us not to worry,
This is not the end,
There will be some sorrows,
Rest in Him my friend,

He'll be right there with us,
When everything gets rough,
He knows just what's going on,
He knows when it's enough,

The christians are all praying,
For His will to be done,
It won't be very long,
Till God will send His Son,

To catch up all His Children,
Forever to be with Him,
This thought makes me happy,
When everything seems dim,

We're looking for Revival,
Many will change their ways,
The power of God is moving,
We'll see a lot these days.

Though evil will get darker,
The brighter our light will shine,
The lord will set before us,
A table so we can dine,

Right in the enemies presence,
The Lord will show His power,
The devil will surely know,
That this is our God's hour,

He'll heal the sick in body,
And raise some dead to life,
He'll change that husband,
To cherish his own wife,

We'll see things so awesome,
That'll be so hard to believe,
God will do greater things,
If His children will receive,

Let not your heart be troubled,
Neither let it be afraid,
Our Father God is on the move,
He's getting ready for a parade.

[ by: Mary Eldridge © 2003 ( -- submitted by Mary Eldridge ]


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