This Man Called Jesus

There is someone who died
On the cross in your stead.
Jesus laid three days in the tomb,
Then arose from the dead!

He willingly shed His life's blood that day,
So with His forgiveness He can wash away
Your sins and mine, when we ask Him to,
But that's not all He will do for you!

He makes you a place in Heaven fair,
Then, praise His name, He'll live with you there!
Can you hear Him pleading with you?
He gives us a choice,  what will you do?

He's waited so long for you to love Him!
Don't let Him go away and give up on you.
Ask Him to stay and live in your heart.
He might not come back,  then what would you do?

Just what will you do with this Man called Jesus,
Ask Him in or turn Him away?
What will you do with this Man called Jesus?
Give Him your heart today!

~ Dot Wilson ~

[ by Dot Wilson Copyright © 2005, ( -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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