This Mountain

          Father, this mountain seems too steep
          The summit disappears in the sky
          The valleys too wide, the gulfs too deep
          Yahweh, thereís no way to get by

          I see no crevice to hold to
          Nothing for a steady foothold
          Tell me now what to do
          For I see no path, no traveled road

          Yah, I am ill equipped for this journey
          Not equipped for this strenuous climb
          Talk to me, reveal to me
          Lead the way for this trek of mine

          Child of mine, look not up or down
          Keep your eyes focused in front of you
          My angels around you, I will surround
          Trust in me, Iíll guide you through

          If you look too far ahead, you lose sight
          Of what lies before you this very moment
          If you look down, you experience fright
          Continue steadily forward, donít relent

          One step at a time is all it will take
          To move towards your destination
          With each step, progress you make
          But you get no where with hesitation

          Yahweh, how right you were
          Look at me-I made it to the top
          The view is so breathtaking here
          How glad I am that I did not stop

          Yes, I slipped a time or two
          And experienced doubts of my ability
          But you sustained me all the way through
          You kept Your Hand faithfully upon me

          Today, my perspective has changed
          I have conquered the mountain I feared so
          Through You, my life has been rearranged
          I will survive no matter where my path may go

          And now, with the eagles, I can fly
          I see the world with a different view
          How humbled and grateful I am
          To have been led by You

[ Kathleen Shelton Poulson ( -- from Kathleen Poulson ]


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