Old house.

This Ole House of Mine

          Arthritis must be lurking
          Cause my neck is getting sore
          I have aches and pains within me
          Like Iíve never felt before.

          I know Iím getting older
          I canít take the heat and cold
          My feet are often weary
          Could it be Iím growing old.

          My fingers arenít as nimble
          My knees, hear how they creak
          It seems my memory fails me
          When I open up to speak.

          My eyesight now has weakened
          I donít see as once before
          My hearing once so perfect
          Has now become a chore.

          The rocking chair is calling
          I often need to rest
          A day of heavy labor
          Can put me to the test.

          I now have indigestion
          Never did when I was young
          I have heartburn and bursitis
          Guess old age has now begun.

          The shell that holds this body
          Tends to age some everyday
          My arms are getting painful
          And my body seems to sway.

          Someday, Iíll shed this carcass
          Wonít need this house no more
          God will gently beckon
          To that distant golden shore.

          Iíll have no need of doctors
          My soul will be set free
          No need for canes or dentures
          No more aches and pains for me.

          I will soar just like an eagle
          In that glory land up high
          I will dwell amid the angels
          And my soul will never die.

~ Marilyn Ferguson ~
Copyright © 2005
All Rights Reserved

[ Author: Marilyn Ferguson Copyright © 2005 -- {used with permission} ]


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