Ticket To Heaven

Lord, You are our refuge and strength.
You are the rock on which we lean.
You created us in Your own image,
And we are each Your precious offspring.

You offer comfort whenever we need it.
You walk beside us along our way.
You carry us ever close to Your heart,
And give us hope to face each day.

We are Your treasured possessions and
Your love is an eternal love.
You provide us all our daily needs.
All good gifts come from You above.

You know everything about us.
You are familiar with all our ways.
You knew us before we were even conceived,
And ordained our number of days.

Before we ever speak a word,
You know what we're going to say.
You are our great encourager,
As we daily strive to walk Your narrow way.

We know we are not a mistake,
For we are fearfully and wonderfully made.
Each day You lavish Your love on us,
The one true love, which will never fade.

You have always been our Father.
Your hope was we'd each be Your child.
When we accepted Jesus as Savior,
Those in heaven broke into a smile.

You revealed Your abiding love for us
Through Jesus, Your wonderful Son.
And You'll not count our sins against us,
When our life on earth is done.

We can't wait to attend our big party,
The one You promised to throw.
We sinners can hardly wait to come home,
To our welcome You planned long ago.

Our Lord Jesus paid for our tickets.
The price was expensive, for He gave His all.
But, You knew in the end it'd be worth it,
For Your children who answered Your call.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2002 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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