Soldier praying

Should Tomorrow Start Without Me

          Should tomorrow start without me
          Remember I love you.
          Looking down from up above
          Seeing everything you do.

          If I become a casualty
          I pray you will love again
          Whom ever makes you happy
          I’ll consider my friend.

          Should tomorrow start without me
          Remind our boys, God loves all who care.
          And when life seems too harsh and cruel
          With “Him” they must share their prayer.

          I have proven I’m not a coward
          Who breaks and runs to survive.
          Always fearing death will kiss me
          As the streets of Baghdad I drive.

          Should tomorrow start without me
          Be proud I choose to serve.
          Our faith and our patriotism
          Earn the freedom we deserve.

          I miss home more than ever
          It breaks my heart to stay away
          I can’t help but want to hold you
          And whisper what I say.

          May God bless America
          And all, I love,

          “YOUR MARINE”

~ Tom Zart ~

Author of “Love, War & More”
Published by: Publish America

[ by: Tom Zart Copyright © 2007 -- submitted by: Tom Zart ( ]


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