Tomorrow is another day
          A day for new beginnings for me
          A day to treasure
          A day to build memories

          Tomorrow is another day
          For me to lovingly extend my hand
          To everyone I know or meet
          To reveal the love of the great "I AM"

          Tomorrow is another day
          For me to praise Yah and His Name
          For me to spend time with Him and His Word
          And His message to proclaim

          Tomorrow is another day
          To get rid of what’s been in disorder
          For me to right all the wrongs
          For me to get my affairs in order

          But then again, maybe not
          For tomorrow may not just be
          Another tomorrow
          It may be a day I may not live to see

          I cannot rely or depend upon tomorrow
          A wise man that I once knew
          Said that God may give you today
          But He doesn’t promise tomorrow for you

          So let me make today my tomorrow
          To put all my affairs and life back straight
          To show His Love to the world
          For tomorrow may be too late

          Therefore if I am called home
          And leave this world that I live in
          Before my next tomorrow should come
          I will not leave this world in sin

          He will not hold the book of life
          And shake his head in sorrow
          And tell me Heaven will not be my home
          Just because I waited for tomorrow

[ Kathleen Shelton Poulson ( -- from Kathleen Poulson ]


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