Man on sled.

Trail Of A Flexible Flyer

          A typical nine year old boy,
          Had asked his Dad to go sledding;
          So, this over the hill old fool,
          Said, To the mountain we're heading.

          The hill was steeper than it looked,
          And it was very icy too;
          But a promise is a promise,
          So what was I going to do?

          I took that Flexible Flyer,
          Gingerly set it on the snow; (ice!)
          Then I laid down on top of it,
          I guess I was ready to go. (not!)

          I raised my hands and started down,
          Quickly began to pick up speed;
          Thought about my hip replacement,
          August 12 was the surgery.

          Thirty five, forty, forty five, fifty!
          Man, this old sled is really fast;
          I started to feel young again,
          Although this ride might be my last.

          Passing all the kids on the hill,
          Moms and Dads were screaming at me,
          What do you think you are doing?
          Quick, somebody call the police!

          And then I saw the jump ahead,
          And steered that sled right toward it;
          What the heck, you only live once,
          I've lived a lot at fifty six.

          Then suddenly I was airborne,
          About twelve feet off of the ground;
          The impact's gonna hurt, I thought,
          Man, that sure is a long way down.

          Guess this is why it's called a Flyer,
          Hmmm, what does the word Flexible mean?
          'Acts as a cushion when it hits ground?'
          At this point that would surely be keen!

          But no, that wasn't the meaning,
          I'll personally attest to that;
          The crash echoed, I hit so hard,
          My belly button is now in back.

          But wait, I'm only half way down,
          And this thing is picking up speed;
          Please, don't bother calling the cops,
          Call 911, it's medics I need.

          How do you stop this crazy thing?
          Oh my God, thin ice on the lake!!
          Guess there's only one thing to do,
          Aim for a tree, before it's too late.

          That's the last thought I can remember,
          But somebody took a video;
          No more sledding for this crazy fool,
          Next thing I'll try is a rodeo.

          YEE HAA !

~ Paul D. Berube ~
January 5, 2008
Copyright 2008
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Paul D. Berube Copyright © 2008 ( ) -- submitted by: Paul D. Berube ]

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