Gold being melted and purified.

Tried and Tested

          Passing through the furnace of affliction,
          The Saviour's with us through it all
          Yet how hard it is to trust His word,
          We slip, stumble and we fall.

          Like gold tested and finally purified
          In the goldsmiths expert hand
          We too have to endure the test
          With grace alone to help us stand.

          The furnace so hot and fiery,
          The metal twists and bends
          The trial so difficult to endure
          He knows. His Spirit He sends.

          To lovingly help and mold us,
          Guide us along the way
          Supreme Comforter and Counselor
          You protect us from going astray.

          Help us know why God gave the trial,
          Make us understand its for our best
          Reach deep within our very souls
          Gives us peace, comfort and rest.

          As the fire burns, the metal melts
          Conforming to the goldsmiths design
          Our souls pass through life's hardest test
          We come out transformed - only thine!

~ Judy Doyle ~
Copyright © 2010

[ by: Judy Doyle, Copyright © 2010 -- submitted by: Judy Doyle ]

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