Johnny Jump-Up Flowers

Trinity Flower - Our Lady's Delight

Sometimes hidden in each flower,
Lies a mystery to behold.

Legends passed down through the ages,
Fables, sagas tales of old.

Deep within a tiny blossom,
Some would merely call a weed.

Nature blessed us with a treasure,
Nestled deep inside a seed.

As that bud began unfolding,
Johnny jump-up was itís name.

A "Trinity Flower; Our Lady's Delight,"
All and one the very same.

With it too was birthed a story,
Of the colors it displayed.

And the symbols that they stood for,
In itís heavenly array.

How nature took its artists palette,
And combined the perfect hue.

On the petals of that blossom,
Purple, white and yellow too.

And orchestrated them together,
In such perfect harmony.

Stop and ponder at its beauty,
Should you get a chance to see.

For all of Johnny jump-ups colors,
Sing a sacred psalm of praise.

To the glory of the Godhead,
Who they stand for, petals raised.

Shy yet regal in itís standing,
A "trinity flower" thus ordained.

Clearly so by nature's homage,
Note the blessing it contains.

For natures treasures often hidden,
Are sometimes masked yet in full view.

Receptive souls find what theyíre seeking,
Pearls of wisdom, riches too.

If you're walking in a garden,
And you see this bud unfold.

Grasp the beauty of the Godhead,
Itís such a wonder to behold!

Yellow's signifies the Father.
And His glory evermore.

Purple's a divine image,
Of the sorrow Jesus bore.

White portrays the Holy Spirit,
Entwine the three and you will see,

Johnny Jump-up's petals bearing
Nature's hidden mystery.

~ Dot McGinnis ~
© 2005

"It is the glory of God to conceal a matter..."
Proverbs 25:2

[ by: Dot McGinnis Copyright © 2005 -- submitted by: Dot McGinnis ]


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