I've never climbed a mountain high;
          Perhaps I never will.
          But I have walked in fellowship
          With God upon a hill.

          I've never braved a torrent,
          'Tis much too wild for me.
          But I have stood by waters still
          And heard God speak to me.

          I've never been to royal court
          And bowed before a king;
          But I shall kneel before God's throne
          And hear the angels sing.

          I've never lived in foreign lands,
          Though pleasant it would be,
          But I shall dwell in Beulah Land
          Beside the crystal sea.

          I've never strolled in marbled halls
          Their beauty fair to see,
          But I have been on Holy Ground
          For God was there with me.

          I've never seen a battle fought
          Upon a bloody field,
          But I have seen Life's vict'ries won
          Upon Golgotha's Hill.

          I've never crossed the ocean
          Or channel deep and wide,
          But I shall cross o'er Jordan
          With Jesus by my side.

          I've never felt an earthquake's rage-
          I hope 'twill never be,
          But I have felt God's still, small voice
          Bring peace and joy to me.

          I've never strayed midst hist'ries ruins
          Their glories past to see,
          But God has planned my future-
          And that's enough for me.

[ By: Ruth R. Martin, Copyright © 2003 -- from 'Fun-N-Faith' ( ]


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