True Worth

Every one of God's small creatures has a purpose here on Earth,
Though there are times when He alone can measure our true worth.
Our mission may be grandiose; our mission may be small...
But despite the work God plans for us, we're equals--one and all.

Even mighty heads of government are mortal, after all,
And despite their earthly titles -- someday, they too will fall...
And stand beside the poor man, the mother, or the child,
To face their fate in Heaven, when God's books are reconciled.

So plan your life accordingly, and see that it's well-spent,
And listen with your heart to hear the message God has sent.
Our work may not bring glory; our deeds may not bring fame,
But it's work that God's assigned us -- to accomplish in His name. a child who needs guidance when others' backs are turned,
Be a friend to those around you -- whom others may have spurned.
Help a mother and her family face the problems they've been dealt...
Be there for all who need you.... (but help a man to help himself).

For the smallest man among us is a giant in some way,
And the youngest child may stumble, but will find his way someday,
And it's true the world is richer for their presence here on Earth...
But we must take the time to love them--and to measure their true worth.

So when pondering life's purpose, or regretting your steep path,
Take a moment for reflection -- look to your heart to ask,
If your days should end tomorrow, would those around you care?
Have you done what God has asked you -- do you really feel prepared...
To stand beside the poor man, the mother, or the child,
And face your fate in Heaven -- when God's books are reconciled?

[ by Deb Simmons (Copyright 1994) -- from '2THEHEART' ]


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