'Twas A Special Christmas Eve!

'Twas a special Christmas eve,
And I was lying in my bed,
When I started to remembering,
The scriptures my Daddy read.
Ah, sitting there on his lap,
In the circle of his arm,
I felt so sheltered, cozy, and warm!

He had lovingly opened,
Godís Holy book,
To St. Luke the second chapter,
Where we both took a look!
There unfolding before us,
Was the blessed Christmas story,
About angels singing to the shepherds,
"To God be the glory,"
"Peace on earth,"
"And to all men goodwill!"
Their voices graced the night,
Which was peaceful and still!

When Daddy read,
About Christís birthplace,
I could almost smell the hay,
And see Mary and Joseph hover,
Over the place where Jesus lay!
In my mindís eye,
I could see the wisemen,
Their precious gifts bring.
They had traveled from afar,
To see the Heavenly King!

Then, in St. Luke chapter twenty three,
Daddy read how Jesus died,
That whosoever will,
Could be cleansed,
ĎNeath the crimson tide!
This story was so touching.
It caused the teardrops to start.
So I cried, "Oh, Daddy,"
"I want to give Jesus my heart!"
So, right then and there,
I fell to my knees,
Crying, "Oh, Blessed Saviour,"
"Come into my heart please!"

Later, I was lying in my bed,
Feeling so good!
And though I expected Christmas gifts,
Like any child would,
I knew that greater than any present,
I would find under the tree,
Was the gift of salvation,
Which Jesus gave to me!

- Robert F. Dotson (Brother Bob) -

[ by: Robert F. Dotson Copyright © 2003 (brotherbob@xmsg.com) -- submitted by Robert F. Dotson ]


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