Two Hour Christianity

Seven days hath every week
With 56 hours spent in sleep

For 112 we spend awaking
While 21 with food partaking

Now were left with 91
Down goes 40 - theres work to be done

51 hours in our week remain
I stand in church and sing a refrain

But the sermons run late
I look at my watch and I hesitate

I've spent one hour in spiritual fare
The big game is on and I must get there

51 hours to do as I please
Very few minutes spent on my knees

But wait, I'm heard to say
I read a devotional every day

I'm yours, dear Savior, so do what You will
But please, do hurry, Theres no time to kill

If you saw my schedule and the work that I do
If you knew the stress I've been going through

Two hours a week I spend with my Lord
If more than that - I might get bored.

Just two short hours in 168?
I finally realize an appointment awaits

I weep as I take intentional time
To spend with my Savior - Jesus - Divine

O how I've missed my time with You
And I plan to stay - as long as I need to.

You gave your life to rescue mine
And all I can think is, I have no time.

I say, You are my lifes foundation
As shifting sands lead to temptation

You gave Your life because You love me
While the hours I give are two, sometimes three

But Your grace extends to my lack of minutes
While Your attention to me remains without limits.

So today is the day I invite You along
I've been time-stingy, I admit I was wrong.

[ by: Glenn A. Hascall "The Encourager" ( -- from Glenn Hascall ]


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