American Flag.

Two Soldiers

Two soldiers were killed in Baghdad today,
leaving their families to mourn.
They died on a foreign battlefield
far from where they were born.

Didn't see it in The Times
or on the network news.
I suppose they were too busy
spouting political views.

These were men of honor,
who vowed of their own accord
To faithfully serve our country
by picking up its sword.

And so, to foreign soil they went
to fight the evil foe
Whose goal is world oppression
where freedom reigns no more.

They were American soldiers
who paid the ultimate price,
And we, the American people,
must honor their sacrifice.

For all the blessings we ve received,
our nation must stand strong
To vanquish brutal enemies
and right their evil wrongs.

And so, I humbly ask you
to close your eyes and say
A silent prayer and thank you.
Two soldiers died today.

The world has seen its share of war
throughout these many years.
Perhaps the power of our prayers
could help dry up the tears.

Dear Lord, please bless our nation
and the ones it sends to fight.
Give us strength and courage
to stand for all that s right.

Please help us to remember
to always seek Your face.
And ever to be thankful
for Your amazing grace.

~ Linda Gleason ~
August, 2008
Slidell, LA

We owe a debt of immeasurable gratitude to those who are willing to put their lives
on the line to defend the freedom of our nation and the truths that we hold dear.
They've taken on the hard job, the rest of us should pray.

[ by: Linda Lee Gleason, Copyright © 2008 ( ) -- submission by: Linda Gleaason ]

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