Two Way Street

      She stirs and wakes up from her sleep and knows it's Saturday,
      Today her man does not have work and he is home all day.
      She looks at the alarm clock and it's only seven-ten,
      She wonders why he's up so early and not sleeping in.

      She tiptoes to the hallway as she hears some water run,
      He's in the bathroom shaving and she knows he's almost done.
      She walks down to the lighted room and takes a peek inside,
      But stands out in the darkened hallway where she tries to hide.

      He does not see her watching him and he cleans up his face,
      And quietly he puts his toiletries back in their place.
      As he is cleaning up his things the toothbrush and the paste,
      He stands before the mirror and is stripped down to his waist.

      She lets her eyes just soak him in as she swells up with pride,
      The very sight of him like this just strokes her fire inside.
      She cannot put her finger on it or explain the fact,
      Only that the love she feels brings on this strange attack.

      He makes her burn from deep inside, it feels like she will burst,
      Just the thought of touching him creates an inner thirst.
      Never has she loved a man with such intense desires,
      Nothing in this world could ever quench these inner fires.

      He's everything she dreamed about when she would contemplate,
      What she needed in a man to make a perfect mate.
      Now he stands before her and her dreams have all come true,
      And to herself she whispers I am so in love with you.

      He turns to face the shower and she quietly walks in,
      She puts her arms around him from behind and squeezes him.
      He smiles and says "good morning love this is a nice surprise,"
      And then he turns and faces her and looks into her eyes.

      He says "You are so beautiful even at this hour,
      Even in your bathrobe before you have had your shower."
      He smiles and gently kisses her so tender and so kind,
      And whispers to her softly "You are gorgeous all the time."

      She presses up against him with her head upon his chest,
      And with a tear upon her cheek she whispers "You're the best."
      "I love you for the man you are and how you make me feel,
      Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure this is real."

      He kisses her again and says it is a two way street,
      "I love you more than anything; You make my life complete."
      She holds him even tighter now her heart completely full.
      "I love you more" she whispers "and you are so wonderful."

      He whispers "lets say it's a draw and not a love contest,"
      Now go and take your shower and then you can go get dressed.
      Then we have this day together made for me and you,
      After I cook breakfast we can do what you want to.

      He kisses her again and says "That's right now don't you laugh,
      I am cooking breakfast for you while you're in the bath."
      He looks at her as he strolls out with such a boyish grin,
      She smiles while thinking, little boys are still inside most men.

      She steps into the shower as the water trickles down,
      And it is mixed with joyous tears because of what she's found.
      A love like she has never known and she is so complete,
      And she agrees with what he said, it is a two way street.

        James A. Kisner

[ by James A. Kisner © 2003 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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