Under His Wings

Like a small chick who is afraid
and Mother gathers them until it seems
they've disappeared. Where did they go?
They are safe, there under her wings!

When things around you are bad.
Turn to Jesus and see what it brings.
Everything else is turned upside down.
But you're safe - under His wings!

No one cares and you feel forsaken?
Jesus takes care of all these things.
Give Him your heart, He loves you so!
Forever you'll be - under His wings!

Peace and safety filled with power,
to your heart always clings.
He fights for you, takes care of you.
If you'll just rest, under His wings!

When life here is over and Eternity begins.
You're tired and glad it's over it seems.
You know that all through Eternity.
You'll be there safe - under His wings!

[ by Dot Wilson © 2002 -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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