Vacation Time

In this life of earthly woe,
vacation time I must forego!
No funds are there for frivolity
and frolicking upon the sea.

My money's spent before it's made.
Disney World will have to wait
until my proverbial ship comes in.
Vacation time... I just can't win!

And then, depression comes at last,
for summertime again has past
without the fun, the frivolity
and leisurely sunning by the sea.

And when these thoughts depress me so,
there comes a truth that I do know.
That when my time on this earth ends
an extended vacation in Heaven I'll spend.

Eternally I'll run and play
leisurely sunning all the day.
Laughing, singing joyfully!
My eternal vacation by the sea.

[ by Joanne Warrick, Copyright © 2001 -- {used with permission} ]


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