Waiting For The Call Of Love

Sometimes I feel very lonely,
When I look at the world around me,
A guy passes by with a girl by his side,
And there is no one beside me.

I feel all alone, why can't I have a girl,
Are some of the thoughts that flow through my mind,
I look here and there for a girl everywhere,
Hoping for love so divine.

My eye soon falls upon a beautiful one,
As beautiful as the bright morning sun,
My heart starts to beat, my blood runs cold,
This is the power of falling in love with a girl.

I begin to think of her everyday,
Praying to God that she'll come my way,
I soon end up seeing reality,
This girl that I like has a man already.

My heart sinks, I feel very down,
I feel like I'm in a sea and I'm about to drown,
Just when I'm about to lose all my faith,
A lovely voice speaks saying be cautious and wait.

The voice that I heard was from my Father above,
Because it was me that He loved and He loved,
You're only 16 is what He said to me,
There is more to life as you will see.

He told me to seek things from above,
And sooner or later He would give me a girl to love,
Don't worry when I'll give her to you,
Seek Me first and I'll let your wish come true.

I made up my mind to live for the Lord,
'Cause it is very exciting and you're never bored,
When you have God you're never alone in the world,
You can make it through life without having a girl.

However He promised I'll have one some day,
And I really can't wait for her to come my way,
Until that day comes I will always be true,
To my Lord and Savior who never left me sad and blue.

While I am single, Christ never left me,
He showed what true love can be;
Now that I have learned about it all,
I know that soon a girl will give me a call.

I promised myself that I would give this girl love,
The same way I was taught from my God above,
He humbled Himself and showed His love to the world,
And it's the same thing I must do when I get a girl.

[ Author Anonymous -- from Cindy ]


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