Walk with Me

          Life is often like a journey
          down a road not on the map,
          Where off you set to meet your fate,
          unsure just where you're at.

          At first your steps are hurried,
          for you'll want to win the race.
          But later on, you're wiser,
          so you set a steady pace.

          At times the roads are paved and smooth
          and you'll walk on with ease.
          At other times, they twist and curve
          and take you where they please.

          You'll see the sights along the way
          and learn a lesson or two,
          So strive to keep on going
          whether skies are cloudy or blue.

          Be ever watchful for dangers ahead
          and enlist the help of a Guide.
          For when you put your hand in His,
          He'll be there at your side.

          He'll lead you down the road of life
          and you will come to see
          The farther that it takes you,
          the nearer Home you'll be.

~ Linda Gleason ~
Slidell, LA

[ by: Linda Lee Gleason, Copyright © 2008 ( llgleason@bellsouth.net ) -- submission by: Linda Gleaason ]

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