Walking In His Steps

Christ identified with me as He walked upon the earth;
This was the very purpose of his advent, human birth.
The things He gladly suffered were the same that I go though;
I follow in His steps, experiencing nothing new.

The burdens that He bore were greater far than mine,
For I am just a branch, part of Him, the vine.
The strength and nourishment I get come through Him alone
Dispensed with gentle care, to His very own

He is my example as I walk my lonely way,
Encounter trials and troubles causing me to pause and pray.
As I converse with Him and He again with me
The fears all flee and comfort comes, for faith has set me free.

It is a rocky road we walk as each bears our cross
But His foot prints give me guidance preventing any loss.
When my steps grow slow and weary He bids me stop and rest,
Refreshes me by waters clear, thus my soul is blessed.

There is nothing to compare, among all the earthly treasures,
To the joy that fills my heart, overflowing from His pleasure.
As I share His yoke of troubles, He bears the bigger part,
My Savior, elder brother, completely fills my heart.

~ Joyce Guy ~

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- Copyright © 2005 (jguy453@bellsouth.net) -- submitted by: Joyce Guy ]


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