Walking The Sands Of Time

"Our times are in His hands."

Each day we walk the sands of time,
And leave our footprints behind,
Each day we go forward and cannot recall,
Sands in the hourglass.....only thoughts of the mind.

Each footprint is different and no two are alike,
As each walk in different paths along life's way,
But all God's children must walk the straight and narrow road,
In the steps of our Savior each new day.

We must press forward in faith and not turn back,
As we look forward to life's goals,
And in our hearts we must hide His Word,
As we seek his ways and promises to behold.

The sands of time move swiftly,
Through the dawning of each day's door,
One day when the last grain of sand shall fall,
Footsteps of faith shall lead to heaven's shores.

"For we walk by faith, not by sight."   2  Corinthians  5:7  NKJV

[ by: Jo Ann Kelly Copyright © 2003 (jpkelly@usit.net) -- submitted by Jo Ann Kelly ]


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