Watch Me Daddy

The house is so quiet.
My children - asleep.
My wife has succumbed
To slumber so deep.

These moments are precious
As I pray for my clan
For a future - a hope
On mounted eagles wing span

The days pass so quickly,
Where did the time go?
I heard their first cries
Now "Daddy, here let me show..."

And I look to the future
To see a man fully grown.
Will my son see Jesus
In the life that I've shown?

Will my daughter remember
The nights spent in prayer?
And a dad's desperate longing
To see his children There?

A wife so depleted
By the stress of the day.
Needing refreshment
And Someone to say,

"Well done My dear Daughter
Come rest in My love
My burden is easy
Stop pushing - don't shove."

And in my life - oh so often
I rest in God's grace
And forget the dear Savior
Who falls on His face,

Reminding His Father
Of the sin His blood did forgive
Reclaiming lost children
So we can all really live.

His heart swells with joy
As He watches us grow
Through our first cry
Holding our hand - don't you know?

So, I watch my two children
Chests rise and then fall
And I too remember
The Maker of children big and small

Why do I pray
When in sleep my children's minds drift?
You see, I have permission
From the God who works the night shift.

"Watch me, Daddy"
A child-heart calls
And His eyes scan the earth
Truly seeing one and all.

So, rest my dear family
In the palm of His hand
Tomorrow's a new day
In our Father's Master Plan

Oh, we'll need to be quiet
Though there's no need for fear
Just "be still" for awhile
For our Father is here.

[ by Glenn Hascall -- from the Walker Family ]


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