We Thank You God

        Wake up, God has granted us another day.
        Get up, letís kneel by the bed and pray.
        Letís thank Him for His daily care.
        Letís thank Him for His love so rare.
        We thank you God ~ for always being there.

        We watch the sun begin its rise,
        to bring us blue and cloudless skies.
        We hear the birds begin to sing.
        Their music in our hearts does ring.
        We thank you God ~ for all these lovely things.

        We hear small creatures moving about.
        Beginning to forage for food, no doubt.
        We feel the slightest breath of wind
        as the boughs of trees begin to bend.
        We thank you God ~ for all the wonders you send.

        You planned and created all we behold,
        long hot summers and winters cold.
        The beauty of autumn and awakening of spring,
        renews our hearts and makes us beam.
        We thank you God ~ itís almost like a dream.

        You formed the mountains and made the seas.
        You designed the flowers and the stately trees.
        You moved Your hand and made all things,
        You knew such pleasure to us theyíd bring.
        We thank you God ~ we acknowledge You as King.

        Your masterpiece You formed from dust,
        and that was when You created us.
        You made us into a likeness of You
        You gave us a soul and a heart so true.
        We thank you God ~ for this wonderful design You drew.

        We now have hope through Your salvation plan.
        Your gave Your Son as the Sacrificial Lamb.
        He gave His life so we could be saved.
        Dear Lord, what a priceless gift You gave.
        We thank You God ~ through Jesus our sins are waived.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2002 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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