Weep Not O' Gentle Christian

          Weep not O' gentle Christian,
          Tho' death's dread toll doth sound,
          And linger not in deed or thought,
          For I know where' I am bound,

          Weep not O' gentle Christian,
          Tho' I'll ne'er more be near your side,
          For ye shall carry with you memories sweet,
          Which in thy heart shall hide,

          Weep not O' gentle Christian,
          And have not a care for my estate,
          For in a short while ye also,
          Shall meet me at that gate,

          Weep not O' gentle Christian,
          For the Word of God doth show,
          O'er me death has no victory,
          And cannot lay me low,

          Weep not O' gentle Christian,
          As I fly from this weary land,
          Let 'membrence bring not sorrow drear,
          For in God's presence I now stand.

~ Dan Duncan ~

[ by: Dan Duncan, Copyright © 2007 ( -- submitted by: Dan Duncan ]


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