What I Love About Christmas

            Christmas is a wonderful
            Time of year, when friends
            And family show the
            Up-most cheer.

            When honor is given
            To Him which it is about,
            When all our focus should
            Be on Him no doubt.

            But what is this I hear?
            Some trying to dismiss
            Its true meaning thatís
            What it seems to appear?

            Christ alone, it was He,
            Who gave us life to enjoy,
            It wasn't some kind of an
            Empty, meaningless ploy. †

            The word Holiday, is so
            Empty and Celebrating
            What? †Its empty cheers
            Brings it But to naught.

            O, the beautiful Christmas
            Tree with its lights and star,
            Ever pointing towards
            Heaven to where You are.

            Then what is this a Holiday
            Tree, with meaningless
            Significance as dead as
            The tree will ever be.

            I cherish the days gone by,
            When the thoughts were
            Towards Him who came,
            To bleed and die.

            No, raised again to share
            New life evermore, this is
            The thing about Christmas
            I adore.

            To give gifts and to buy
            Trinkets in vain, is to
            Deny the reason that this
            Man Jesus, came.

            O, the Christmas gifts given in love,
            Will always remind me of the
            Most precious gift given
            From above.

            Itís because of Him I celebrate,
            Thereís no emptiness found
            In this date. †For life He came
            To give, because of Him
            I now live.

            So for your Hollow-day, whoever
            You are, it denotes only one
            Thing, a ĒFallen StarĒ

            The truth of the matter is,
            In the end it wonít be bliss,
            Because Satan will get his,
            I promise you this!

            O, thank You Jesus, this
            Wonderful Christmas we
            Celebrate, and for that Day,
            I canít wait.

            Author: Noble Carper

[ by: Noble Carper, Copyright © 2005 -- submitted by: Noble Carper (noblecarper@yahoo.com) ]


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