What's Christmas About?

It's not about when Santa comes.
It's not about candies and sugarplums.

It's about the belief in the birth of a heavenly babe.
Which will bring us eternal life, once we are saved.

It's not about getting the latest trend, toy or game.
It's about knowing the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, are the same.

It's not about the biggest tree or the brightest lights.
It's about faith in His word that will keep us on a path that's right.

It's not about the amount of money we've spent.
It's about the heavy load, on us, that causes His back to be bent.

It's about the ultimate sacrifice, in the name of love.
A man, once sent to us, as a messenger from above.

A man, once sent to us, to save us from our sins.
Always offering a way to live and to begin again.

Maybe, Happy Birthday are words that need to be said,
Along with Merry Christmas, as we lie and pray, in our beds.

It's about an oft said, cliche',
That needs to be repeated, especially on this day.

Jesus is the reason -- for the season!

[ anonymous ]


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