What You Sow

The darkness came on suddenly
I felt a chill as the wind arose
Being too caught up in acrimony
I hadn't dressed in proper clothes

I continued to climb the mountain
I was almost to the top
I knew there wasn't much shelter
But, I didn't want to stop

Pondering how my life had gone astray
Immersed me in self-pity and resentment
My attitude was in gross disarray
I had lost all of my contentment

I wasn't aware of a pending storm
Though March weather is capricious
I hadn't prepared but didn't care
Though this was getting precipitous

All of a sudden a gust of wind bowled me over
I got up to look for a stronghold on the ground
In this kind of gale I needed cover
Just then a pelting rain began to pound

My fleece sweat-suit usually kept me warm
But I soon felt damp and chilled to the bone
I had just found my balance when to my alarm
A gust picked me up and dropped me like a stone

I landed hard on my arm and felt it snap
I knew I had broken my shoulder
My rash actions had put me in a trap
Would I find shelter behind a boulder

It was important i get to a lower level
To have less vulnerability
I held my arm and shimmied down slow
Praying the Lord would protect me

I finally made it to a crevice where I hoped
I'd be out of the storms ebb and flow
Wondering how soon I'd make it down the slope
When suddenly the hail turned to snow--oh no

I was praying the wind would die down
No matter the pain I had to move on
I'd left the village Inn before dawn
And no one knew where I had gone

About an hour passed before I felt ready
My arm tucked under the other, with pain
I tried to stay upright and keep steady
I knew I wouldn't make it if I fell again

I was on my backside more than my feet
Conditions becoming like a white out
I became like a sled sliding in snow and sleet
I prayed my guardian angel was about

I don't know how far I had descended
Thought I heard voices but could not be sure
I seemed to have lost all my senses
Then I felt strong arms grasp and hold me secure

I fainted so I can't recall the way
The village men got me to the inn
I know I could have lost my life this day
By having thrown caution to the wind

I thanked the men who saved me
They said it was a coincidence
But, I know it was the Blessed Trinity
Who brought about this consequence

The Bible says, you shall reap what you sow
This is God's rule which is meant for all.
It is a precept we'd rather not know
With this warning, pride goes before a fall.

[ by Eileen T. Waldron -- from 'Themestream' ]


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