When I Get To Heaven

At last I reach my final home
The gates swing open wide
I get a glimpse of glory
I canít wait to get inside.

An angel beckons to me
I hurry up to him
He opens up a golden book
And lets me look within.

I see my name is written
On the page that he turns to
He says you finally made it
Iíve been waiting here for you.

He points in one direction
And tells me "go that way"
So I start my tour of heaven
The place I get to stay.

I see the many mansions
And walk the streets of gold
And hear the angels praising God
Just like I had been told.

And then I spot my loved ones
Theyíve been here many years
We hug and kiss each other
All smiles, there are no tears.

I look around for Jesus
I know Heíll soon appear
I want to kneel and praise Him
Heís the reason I am here.

He took upon Himself my sins
He paid the price for me
And by His victory over death
He finally set me free.

Free from all my worldly sins
And the evil Satan sent
Jesus came into my heart
Because I did repent.

Iíll finally get to thank Him
When I bow before His throne
For all the times He carried me
When I couldnít walk alone.

Iíll dwell with Him in heaven
With no sorrow, tears or pain
This was His promise to me
When to the earth He came.

There are many mansions up here
Thereís room for all of you
So to join us all in heaven
Iíll tell you what to do.

Accept Jesus as your Savior
He will wash your sins away
Heís waiting here to greet you
When you join us here one day.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2001 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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