When You're Down To Nothing

When you're alone and down to nothing,
Just what then can you do?
You can totally know this for sure,
NOW God can take care of you!

When you yourself, can get you out,
No need for God to show.
It's when you're down to nothing,
That's when He helps you grow!

There is one thing you can depend on,
You must always be obedient.
If He says, "Do this, or do that."
Better do it! - It's expedient!

After you've done your very best,
But you still need lots of aid.
Don't let fear rule your heart,
There's no need to be afraid!

God is always there to show up,
Just when you're most in need.
If you're really down to nothing ...
Here comes you rescue - Yes, indeed!

~ Dot Wilson ~

[ by Dot Wilson Copyright © 2004, (dorothywilson007@bellsouth.net) -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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