While We're Apart

I think of you in your uniform
You stood so tall and proud;
You said protecting us was your duty,
For this you were endowed.

You said your only worry
Was leaving us here alone,
That I'd have no one to help me,
no one to lean upon.

You told me not to worry
At what could happen to you,
That you were in the right,
Defending our great red, white and blue.

We committed anew our hearts,
To each other we'd be true;
Until you return home again
My prayers will follow you.

Go with God, my darling,
I trust Him with your care
For He will be close around you,
Always He'll be there.

Your love is safe with us at home,
We send hugs and kisses galore;
And we'll be waiting for your return,
Open hearts and open door.

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- submitted by: Joyce Guy ]


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